Bohemian Love

I recently had the pleasure of meeting and shooting with the lovely Mrs. Lora Grady, one of Seattle’s finest wedding photographers. Originally from California, Lora fell in love with the unique contrast of light and dark of the Pacific Northwest, and has been using it to capture beautiful moments ever since. Her images are romantic, whimsical, and full of light. Her photos (raw talent and creative genius aside) somehow manage to capture the true essence of their subject in a manner that is both modern and timeless. Lora is primarily a traveling wedding photographer (engagement, bridal, wedding) but ventures in maternity, family, and lifestyle photography as well.

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The Sky Colony – In A Dream


Floating and harmonizing elegantly in a realm of classic to contemporary folk and bluegrass, Bellingham “dream folk” band, The Sky Colony creates a sound uniquely their own. Their debut album, In A Dream, answers the age old question, “What is so magical about life in the Pacific Northwest?”  Climbing a tree to its highest branch just to see what you can see. Napping amongst the wildflowers that paint the hillsides.Dancing weightlessly from cloud to cloud, feeling the warmth of the fleeting summer sun. Standing on the highest mountain peak, absorbing the vastness of this beautiful place we call home, feeling infinitely insignificant and omnipotent at the same time. Dunking in a glacial stream, and flowing with it all the way to the ocean, where life is created, and the cycle renews. Slowing down, and knowing you’re living life as it was meant to be.

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A Love Hat Relationship


Some people just can’t handle the power of a really great hat. My ex-boyfriend was one of those people. You see, when I met him three years prior, I didn’t wear hats, ever. Then something glorious happened. Hats came back. It started with a black wool floppy hat. Then a brown bowler from Goorin Bros., a wide brimmed black fedora with Guatemalan trim from Forever21, and finally, my baby, the culprit, a men’s brown Country Gentleman acubra. This hat is everything. It makes me feel confident, stylish, powerful, basically just super cool. It’s a staple in my current wardrobe, from ice cave adventures to dance floors, people love it. I guess there’s something enticing about the mysterious woman underneath the large Gentleman’s hat.

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Gimme More Macklemore


If these two studly Northwest hip hop moguls have not yet had the pleasure of gracing your ears, or your eyes (*wink*), you must’ve been living under a rock for the last year because these guys are on fire. And it’s brilliant. Ben Haggerty is Macklemore, specializing in rapping and being awesome, growing up right here in Seattle’s “proudest” neighborhood, Capitol Hill. Ryan Lewis is…Ryan Lewis, producer extraordinaire, hailing from the less proud, Spokane, WA. And together they are the greatest thing to come out of the Northwest, and to the hip hop industry, in a long time. With the release of their newest album, The Heist, came a lot of much deserved love. The album skyrocketed to number one on iTunes within hours of its release. Their most popular song, Thrift Shop claimed the Top Song title on iTunes, and topped the Billboard Hot 100 for weeks on end. The song also reached number one around the world in the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Canada, France, Denmark, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. For the last year, these guys have rocked sold out shows worldwide, and had a hell of a time doing it.

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Ranting for Regulation

In light of recent news of Congress’ rejection of Obama’s proposed gun regulations, I’ve become frustrated, angry, and…flabbergasted to be quite honest. 90% of Americans are in favor of heightened background checks on gun sales. Who do your Congressmen think they are? Who are they representing? Who are they protecting? I say “your” here because, being from Washington state, our representatives are, how do I say, awesome?

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From Lost Job to Likable New Hire – 7 Steps

My previous (and first!) article detailed the demolition of my childhood home, letting go of the past, and making room for the future. Well, this “out with the old, in with the new” philosophy has manifested itself in my career as well.

I was recently laid off for lack of work. It had nothing to do with my performance, there was simply not enough new business coming in for me to have a full-time position. I was devastated. I had finally managed to land my first full-time job, now this. And as a recent college graduate with little professional experience, the offers were hardly pouring in. I cried for days. Not knowing if I’d even be able to make next month’s rent. Feeling panicked. Helpless. Worthless. But its not getting laid off that would have killed me. It’s this mindset. It’s poisonous, and I needed a new one quick if I was going to survive this.

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