The Sky Colony – In A Dream


Floating and harmonizing elegantly in a realm of classic to contemporary folk and bluegrass, Bellingham “dream folk” band, The Sky Colony creates a sound uniquely their own. Their debut album, In A Dream, answers the age old question, “What is so magical about life in the Pacific Northwest?”  Climbing a tree to its highest branch just to see what you can see. Napping amongst the wildflowers that paint the hillsides.Dancing weightlessly from cloud to cloud, feeling the warmth of the fleeting summer sun. Standing on the highest mountain peak, absorbing the vastness of this beautiful place we call home, feeling infinitely insignificant and omnipotent at the same time. Dunking in a glacial stream, and flowing with it all the way to the ocean, where life is created, and the cycle renews. Slowing down, and knowing you’re living life as it was meant to be.

The Sky Colony planted their roots in 2012, consisting of two primary members, Kyle Findley-Meier (acoustic guitar, vocals) and Ben Meyer (electric guitar, vocals). The group has experienced triumph and loss, growth and change since its conception, but the heart has remained steady in the form of these two talented singer/songwriters. Many other talented local musicians are featured on their debut album, and frequent touring partners include Molly Hazel (banjo, standup bass, electric bass, vocals), and Jeff Lacy (drums, choir conducting). Kyle and Ben are not only incredibly talented writers and musicians, but truly wonderful people that I am fortunate enough to call my friends. Ben and I have known each other since before we can remember. We grew up down the street from one another and can probably attribute our appreciation of music to our parents, at least in part. One night, before our existence, my parents heard live music coming from somewhere down the road, so naturally they had to go scope it out. Low and behold, it was the Meyers having a party. Both of our moms names are Ann, and our dads are both musicians. Needless to say our families have been great friends, and neighbors, ever since. I only recently met Kyle in the last few months, but we might as well have been life-long friends. It was one of those instant connections, he is a truly kind and beautiful person that shines through his life and his music.

In A Dream was recorded by Nicholas Wilbur at Unknown Studio, in the quaint seaside town of Anacortes, WA. Unknown, formerly a Catholic church, boasts beautiful vaulted ceilings, resonate woodwork, and antiquated architecture that helped inspire and create the unique sounds of this album – raw and natural yet refined, ancient and magnetic yet airy and whimsical. Intricately laced banjo and guitar licks combine with a beautiful lyrical ballet of a love story all too familiar in my personal favorite, “Be Loved.” The embodiment of “dream folk” becomes apparent in the ethereal title track, “In a Dream.” From the lonely farmer’s love story, to the corruption of government, to the curiosity of the natural world, this album perfectly captures the complexity, the simplicity, the beauty, and the struggle.

In celebration of the release of their album at the beginning of the month, The Sky Colony played the most successful show of their career thus far, at my favorite spot in Bellingham, The Green Frog. Fellow local Pacific Northwestern singer/songwriter, the lovely Wren, set the stage for the evening beautifully with her haunting yet playful songs of healing and transformation, accompanied by the intricate fiddlings of the talented Anna Boyd. At one point I remember looking up from my Rainier and realizing the place was packed, standing room only, which is unfortunate for the floor sitters that were enjoying the space vibes during Wren’s set. So much love and support in one room, the energy was incredible. This show was actually the turning point for me when I decided I was going to pick up a guitar and start writing songs. So thanks, guys.

The Sky Colony just embarked on a month long tour through the Northwest, spreading the good vibes from Idaho to California, Oregon, and back home to Washington. Please take the time to check them out and support local, homegrown, Pacific Northwest music – go see a show, buy the album, follow them on Spotify, like them on Facebook – let’s get the word out and show them the love they deserve, because I know we will be seeing more great things from them in the near future.


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