Ranting for Regulation

In light of recent news of Congress’ rejection of Obama’s proposed gun regulations, I’ve become frustrated, angry, and…flabbergasted to be quite honest. 90% of Americans are in favor of heightened background checks on gun sales. Who do your Congressmen think they are? Who are they representing? Who are they protecting? I say “your” here because, being from Washington state, our representatives are, how do I say, awesome?

I just don’t understand. How can you be opposed to a simple background check, on the sale of the most prevalent, most effective, deadliest weapons out there? Background checks are required for so many different things anyways – renting an apartment, getting a job. Your rights to own property, or to work for a living require simple background checks. Is it that much of an inconvenience for you, law abiding citizens, whilst purchasing a gun…I’m assuming all it takes is a signature on your part? Probably not, unless you’ve got something to hide. In which case, you are probably a criminal, and probably should not be allowed to own a deadly firearm to begin with. But for the rest of you, I don’t care if you own a gun! Sleep with the damn thing for all I care. I just want it to be registered and traceable, and I just want to be sure you’re not a psychopath, or a criminal. That’s all.

Gun enthusiasts are worried that tracing them will make it easier for them to be banned and taken away completely. Although I wouldn’t mind a bit, I don’t believe that our government will ever be able to ban guns completely. This is America after all, we do love our guns, and our freedom. No one wants to take away the guns of peaceful, law abiding citizens. It’s the guns in the hands of criminals, terrorists, and the mentally unstable that we want to reduce. Of course some of them will still find a way to obtain them. That’s a given. But if we can do something to make it that much more difficult, why wouldn’t we? Let’s not put the security you may or may not feel by having a gun in your home, before the lives and safety of our entire country. Why do you think you feel so strongly the need to have a gun anyway? Perhaps because of all the crazy criminals running around with unregistered guns?

Of course there’s the old stand-by, “Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.” While, yes, usually there are two parties (gun and human) involved. However, that is not always the case. Ever hear of a gun going off by accident? Preposterous. Ever hear of an innocent child accidentally finding their parents gun in a drawer and accidentally shooting themselves or someone else? Clearly it’s not the person behind the gun that is the only issue here. While, yes I do agree a large part of the problem is the horrible people that commit gun violence crimes, but it’s clearly not the only part of the problem. If those people didn’t have easy access to weapons like they do now, they would probably be incapable of mass casualty violence. Sure, they might find another way, but why not make it incredibly more difficult, if we can? If we can prevent even one dangerous person from acquiring a weapon, haven’t we succeeded? It’s not about an end-all solution, because that doesn’t exist. There will always be guns. There will always be assholes. Now, there’s not much we can do about the assholes, although I wish we could. But what we can do is regulate the sale and distribution of the lethal weapons they use to kill innocent people and children. It’s just common sense, people. Let’s save some lives. The least we can do is try.


4 thoughts on “Ranting for Regulation

  1. Background checks are required from gun dealers both in shops and at gun shows. Only private sales aren’t required. However even they were, what would stop a “bad” person from purchasing a firearm under the radar anyway? If they want to buy one, they can/will find a way. While I agree that background checks should be mandatory I don’t agree one bit with making firearms traceable. In fact this was really the only controversy with the bill as it’s one step closer to banning civilian firearms all together. Once you know where all the guns are, it’s that much easier to take them away. History has proven this time and time again, see: http://www.saveus.org/docs/factsheets/intlgunfacts.pdf

    • No one wants to take away your guns. Only if you’re mentally unstable or a criminal will this be an issue. That’s the point of the background check. What’s wrong with having them be traceable? They are linked to murderous crimes, why would we not want to be able to catch criminals this way? Unless of course you’re on the side of the criminal. If you’re not a criminal this law has absolutely no effect on you. For the sake of you being able to sleep at night with your unregistered gun under your pillow, you’re willing to let this law slide, taking no action to try and prevent terrible tragedies like Sandy Hook? Are your guns more important than the safety of your children? Obviously this law will not prevent all gun sales to questionable characters. But why not try and minimize that at all costs? Our and our childrens’ lives are at stake here.

      • How can you really know that? The last couple years gun violence has been so over-hyped and we’re now being faced with all of these proposed restrictions. The way it’s currently headed, I don’t see firearms being taken away completely a very outlandish idea. The problem with having them traceable is what I described above, when you know where all the guns are, and who has them, it becomes incredibly easy to enforce an all out ban. Tragedies like Sandy Hook have been happening forever, we are actually on the decline for gun related homicides! See here: http://www.politisite.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/us-historical-homicide-chart.gif and here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gun_violence_in_the_United_States I mean, in the last 20 years hand gun homicides have declined by over 50%!! My guns (if I owned any) wouldn’t be more important than the safety of my children, they would be important TO the safety of my children.

      • I don’t really see our government ever banning them completely, I mean this is America we do love our guns after all. But of course I cannot predict the future. You do make some good points, and that is very good news about gun violence decreasing. But who are you so afraid of protecting your children from? The crazy criminals with guns by chance?

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